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If you have been charged with a crime or fighting for your immigration status, more than your freedom or reputation is at stake. What happens next can and will change your life, for better or worse. The law firm of Hernandez & Associates, P.C., fully understands this situation. We also know how to help you.

That’s why we’re Denver’s choice for Criminal Defense and Immigration Law.

Experienced Team of Immigration & Criminal Defense Attorneys In The Denver Area

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We Give Every Case Careful Attention

One of the things that makes our criminal defense firm different is that we gather as much detail as possible to consider all the different outcomes in your case. If you take a plea bargain deal, for example, that can impact your immigration status. Our attorneys consider these outcomes and give this kind of careful attention to every case.

Unlike many firms, we regularly take cases to full trial, meaning our attorneys have significant experience fighting for our clients before judges and juries. Preparing each case for trial also means we carefully evaluate every possible way to reduce the charges our clients face — or have them dismissed altogether.

Ours is one of the few firms in the Denver metro area that offers experienced legal representation in the growing area of “crimmigration law.” Whether you face criminal charges, have an immigration matter, or believe your civil rights were violated, we have the resources to help you.

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Aggressive Help for Coloradans Facing State and Federal Criminal Charges

At Hernandez & Associates, P.C., our attorneys are here to help. We have attorneys with decades of experience fighting and negotiating fair deals and trying cases in both state and federal courts in Colorado. Because we limit our practice to the areas of criminal defense and immigration law, we can devote every resource to helping our clients whose most important legal rights are on the line.

We know the outcome of your case can have life-changing results:

  • Criminal charges could lead to embarrassment, loss of your family, loss of your job, loss of your business, or worse, loss of your liberty.
  • Deportation or an unsuccessful attempt at adjustment of status could halt your career or destroy your family life.
  • Law enforcement, a government entity, an employer or another party violated your civil rights.

With so much on the line, it is important to secure aggressive, experienced and effective legal representation.

Whether someone is facing a first-time DUI charge or a repeat felony drug charge, the outcome in most criminal cases comes down to the experience a lawyer has arguing on a client’s behalf, anticipating and refuting the government’s accusations, and knowing when to negotiate and when to fight at trial or appeal.

“We had a great experience with Hernandez & Associates! They were really helpful. They always explained everything to us in an easy way to understand what was going on through the whole process. Thanks to all there who helped get my husband’s green card. We are really thankful for all their hard work!”

-Delia M., Google

“High-quality legal service. They take pride in working for their clients.”

-Julia H., Google

“Vicite por primera vez y son muy agradable personal.”

-Sandra E., Google

A Nationwide Immigration Law Practice Based In Colorado

Immigration procedures are complex and can be very intimidating — especially when someone’s right to remain in the U.S. is at stake. We help people in Denver metro area, throughout Colorado and across the country with routine and complex immigration matters alike — from applying for or renewing employment-based visas to fighting the government’s attempts to deport clients and break up entire families. We work hard so our clients and their families can build a secure life in the United States.