2 Myths about immigration regulations

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Lately, the amount of myths surrounding immigration, immigrants and removal swirling through the news is overwhelming. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult to decipher what is fact and false. So if you or a family member are dealing with immigration, you need the facts.

While there are too many myths to bust, some make the top of the list. Here are a few top myths about immigration regulations.

1. DACA is dead

President Obama instituted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2012. While the current president does have the right to revoke DACA, that has not happened yet, and the Executive Office for Immigration Review still accepts these applications. However, DACA does not give people legal status and is only a temporary protection so that another president can revoke it at any time.

2. ICE raids are not real

Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids happen. ICE raids result in mass apprehensions from coast to coast. Generally, these agents bang on families’ doors, claim to be looking for suspects and pressure the residents to agree to a search. However, you do not have to consent unless they present a warrant.

Additionally, ICE agents can dress in plain clothes and wait outside public places. For instance, they may request status documents at an airport or even board planes and question passengers. Again, do not worry if this happens to you. Fear will only make the agents more suspicious.

Knowing the truth can mean the difference between becoming an American citizen and deportation. Share these facts with your community and family to help them become naturalized citizens and live in the U.S. legally