Colorado DUI Charges Can Lead To Severe Penalties, Including Jail Time

A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) can be something that haunts you for years to come. In Colorado, the consequences of drunk driving — especially repeat DUIs — can be severe.

In addition to jail time and license suspension or revocation, fines for a DUI conviction can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Add to this the higher insurance premiums that drivers with DUI convictions have to pay and the side effects of having a criminal record, and the consequences of drunk driving can be devastating.

Your DUI Advocate in The Criminal System

For many people facing DUI charges, the difference comes down to having an experienced criminal defense lawyer represent them and give them a strategy for avoiding the serious penalties that a conviction can bring. People in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado turn to Hernandez & Associates, P.C. Our Denver DUI attorneys have decades of combined experience representing criminal defendants in plea negotiations and at trial.

We offer a free, 30-minute consultation so you can learn your options following an arrest. Call us at 303-536-5134 to speak to a DUI advocate now.

Our Job: Help You Keep Your Freedom and Driving Privileges

Our DUI attorneys excel in all aspects of DUI cases — from challenging the results of Breathalyzer and blood tests, to challenging whether the police had a valid reason to stop a client in the first place, to working out favorable plea bargains and taking cases to trial when prosecutors decide to play tough. We also seek opportunities for our clients to resolve their cases through rehabilitation and other programs that can help them avoid jail time.

How Long Does A DUI Remain On Your Record In Colorado?

In Colorado, a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction remains on your criminal record indefinitely. However, Colorado law includes a lookback period for the purpose of sentencing. This is the time frame during which prior DUI offenses are relevant for sentencing of new DUI charges. This period is generally five years for misdemeanor DUI offenses and 10 years for felony DUI offenses. This means that if you are convicted of a new DUI within the lookback period the court will consider your prior DUI convictions when determining your sentence. Colorado does not expunge DUIs.

Will A DUI Conviction Affect My Employment?

A DUI conviction could affect your career, as it appears on background checks. The impact on employment can depend on factors such as the nature of the job and the policies of the employer. Positions that involve driving could suffer, since a DUI can lead to a suspension of one’s driver’s license. Professions that require professional licenses or certifications may also suffer disciplinary actions by licensing boards. For current employees, a DUI conviction could lead to consequences such as demotion, suspension or even termination, especially if the conviction interferes with their ability to fulfill job responsibilities or violates company policy.

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