Will A Crime Destroy My Immigration Dreams?

Obtaining a temporary visa or lawful permanent residency in the United States are difficult on their own. Doing so with a criminal offense on your background is even harder.

When you face the dual difficulties of protecting your immigration status and defending yourself against a criminal charge, Hernandez & Associates, P.C., can guide you. Our staff includes immigration law attorneys and criminal defense attorneys who have decades of experience. We will help you understand how, if at all, your criminal charge may affect your immigration status.

The Crimes That Put Your Dream At Risk

There are two main categories of crimes that could prompt the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) start removal proceedings. These are aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude. Moral turpitude is an intentionally vague category that can include charges from domestic violence to drug trafficking. These crimes also make your visa or green card petition inadmissible and prevent your naturalization.

A Criminal Record Can Affect Your Family, Too

If your lawful permanent status is revoked, barred or you face deportation, the consequences will have a ripple effect on your family. If you want to bring relatives to Colorado from abroad, your status plays a major factor in whether they can file a petition for a family visa. Even if you are not concerned for your own status, you should feel concerned for your loved ones’ futures in the U.S. If you get help from an immigration lawyer, you have a much better chance not only of staying in the U.S. yourself but of reuniting your family here.

Ask For A Free Consultation With An Immigration Attorney

The criminal justice system and the immigration system both have strict deadlines, so the sooner you contact Hernandez & Associates, P.C., the better. We provide free initial consultations – please call our Denver office at 303-536-5134 or send us an email today.

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