Guidance Through Parole And Probation Violations In Colorado

If the state of Colorado has sentenced you to parole or probation, you are probably wondering what happens when you violate parole or probation. You can find the information you need from our criminal defense attorneys at Hernandez & Associates, P.C. From our Denver office location, we help clients across the state and the country with issues related to criminal charges and immigration law.

What Are Parole And Probation?

Parole and probation are legal terms that refer to the supervised freedom of someone convicted of a crime – usually a misdemeanor offense. In Colorado, parole is a conditional release from prison before the end of your sentence. Probation is an alternative to imprisonment. It allows you to remain in the community under court-ordered conditions.

When the court sentences an offender to parole or probation, there are several conditions that the offender must obey. These usually include:

  • Following a curfew
  • Reporting to a parole or probation officer
  • Testing clean in drug tests
  • Performing community service
  • Staying within state borders

Violations of these conditions can result in serious penalties, including the possibility of serving the remainder of your sentence in prison. Colorado takes such violations seriously, and so do our criminal law attorneys.

The Importance Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are accused of violating the conditions of your parole or probation, having a knowledgeable attorney is crucial. We understand the intricacies of the justice system and how to navigate the complex processes that follow a violation. We work diligently to mitigate the consequences, aiming to keep you out of jail and maintain your probation or parole status whenever possible.

Work With A Denver Parole Or Probation Lawyer Now

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