Making Sense Of Colorado’s Intimidating Sex Offender Registry

The Colorado sex offender registry is a public database designed to track individuals convicted of sex offenses. At Hernandez & Associates, P.C., we understand the sensitive and overwhelming nature of these matters. We provide strong defense services to clients across Colorado charged with crimes that could land them on the sex offender registry.

If you are facing such charges, especially if you are not a naturalized citizen, you need a legal team that is well-versed in both criminal defense and immigration law. Our criminal defense attorneys stand by your side, fighting to safeguard your future and immigration status with a strong, tailored defense strategy.

The Sex Offender Registry Requirements

When is it required for someone to register as a sex offender in Colorado? In Colorado, individuals convicted of certain sex offenses must add their name and other information to the list of registered sex offenders. This mandate includes a wide range of offenses, from misdemeanors to felonies. The specifics of each case determine the duration and details of registration.

The implications of being on the registry are far-reaching. Living as a registered sex offender will disrupt your life and affect employment opportunities, housing options and personal relationships. Your best hope is to hire criminal defense lawyers who can keep you off the registry in the first place.

Exploring Your Options To Get Off The Registry

Under certain circumstances, individuals may petition for removal from the sex offender registry. These include:

  • Completing the terms and conditions of a deferred sentence
  • Being under the age of 18 at the time of your conviction
  • Being convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense
  • At least 10 years passing since your conviction for a Class 4, 5 or 6 felony or Class 1 misdemeanor sex crime

The eligibility for deregistration depends on the offense, the time elapsed and your history of compliance. A criminal law attorney can guide you through the legal nuances and work toward clearing your name.

Learn More About The Colorado Sex Offender Registry From A Lawyer

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