Did Ineffective Counsel Harm Your Criminal Case?

A bad lawyer can make as big an impact on your case as a good one. If you believe that you had ineffective assistance of counsel – or a negligent criminal defense attorney – then you might have the right to appeal the outcome of your case.

Hernandez & Associates, P.C., may be able to help you. Our dedicated team serves clients across Colorado and nationwide, with a focus on combining criminal defense with immigration law. Our seasoned litigators are well-versed in appellate cases in federal court, including those based on ineffective assistance of counsel.

What Is Considered Ineffective Assistance of Counsel?

The Sixth Amendment grants every individual the right to competent legal representation. Ineffective assistance of counsel occurs when an attorney’s performance falls below a reasonable standard, potentially impacting the outcome of a case. Two criteria define ineffective counsel:

  • The lawyer’s actions or inactions must show a decline from professional norms.
  • These must have resulted in a prejudicial effect on the defense.

Signs of such representation include a lack of communication, failure to investigate or not calling essential witnesses. These issues might not only compromise your defense but also serve as valid grounds to file an appeal.

Pursuing Justice Through An Appeal

Hope is not lost if you’ve faced ineffective counsel. Our criminal defense lawyers have a track record of achieving favorable outcomes, often representing immigrants to ensure they do not lose their legal status. We believe in your right to a fair trial and are relentless in pursuing justice for our clients through appeals when necessary.

Discuss Your Case With A Denver Criminal Appeals Attorney

If you suspect your defense suffered due to ineffective counsel, let Hernandez & Associates, P.C., help you. We will fight for the justice you deserve. Contact our Dallas office at or send us an email to schedule your completely free consultation.

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