Protecting You In The Immigration System If You Face A DUI

If you are an immigrant and the state of Colorado recently charged you with driving under the influence (DUI), you are probably very worried about your immigration status. We understand.

At Hernandez & Associates, P.C., our experienced immigration law and criminal defense attorneys work with foreign nationals from around the world who face criminal charges and also need to protect their immigration status.

How Will A Drunk Driving Offense Affect Me?

The effect that a DUI charge has on your status depends on three main factors. These include:

  • Your status: If you are a naturalized citizen, you do not have to worry about deportation. If you have a green card, a DUI will probably not prompt removal proceedings, but it does make it challenging to prove that you have good moral character if you apply for naturalization. If you have a student visa or a work visa, your likelihood of removal is much higher.
  • The details of your DUI: A felony DUI, aggravated felony DUI or DUI involving a controlled substance may be enough to prompt removal, especially if the authorities declare it a crime of moral turpitude. This is true for green card holders as well as temporary visa holders.
  • Your prior record: Do you have previous offenses on your record? They may be enough to tip the scales against you. Even if your prior crimes are misdemeanors, the authorities could decide that your record makes you inadmissible.

Do these details seem complex and overwhelming? They are.

The most important factor in whether a DUI jeopardizes your status may be whether you have an immigration attorney to represent you. Immigrants who have a lawyer to advise them of their options, ensure they complete the paperwork correctly and defend them at hearings have a much better chance of protecting their visa or green card.

Get Help Immediately From An Immigration Defense Lawyer

Hernandez & Associates, P.C., has protected the rights of many immigrants charged with DUI; we can protect yours, too. Get a free consultation from an immigration lawyer about how your drunk driving charges may impact your status. Call our Denver office at 303-536-5134 or send us an email to set up your free consultation.

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