Blood Alcohol Content Important Factor in Colorado Cases

Under Colorado’s Express Consent law you have the ability to choose to do either a blood or a breath test when suspected of a DUI. If you are facing a DUI charge in Colorado your defense is much more than examining whether you were simply over the limit or not.

Your blood or breath alcohol content (BAC) matters in Colorado. Your BAC will impact your driver’s license and it will impact your criminal case as well.

Four Factors Are Most Relevant

In Colorado the importance of a particular BAC can be broken down into four areas of relevance.

  1. If you have a BAC between .05 – .079 you are presumed to be Driving While Ability Impaired. In Colorado you may be DWAI if you are proven to have been driving a motor vehicle while your ability to do so was impaired to slightest degree by drugs, alcohol or both.
  2. If you have a BAC higher than .08 you are considered DUI per se. DUI per se essentially means that you were driving a motor vehicle while you were substantially incapable of operating a motor vehicle.
  3. If you have a BAC higher than .15 you will be considered a Persistent Drunk Driver by the Colorado DMV, and you have additional requirements to get a driver’s license if you lose your DMV hearing.
  4. A BAC higher than .20 means you will be facing a mandatory minimum of 10 days in the county jail if you are convicted.

Don’t Lose Hope

So you did either a blood test or a breath test and your BAC is a lot higher than you wished it were. Hope is not lost. Your Colorado DUI lawyer at Hernandez & Associates, P.C., is trained to examine these tests, their machines, and their procedures. The prosecution has the complete obligation to prove the validity of your test result. Hold the DA to their burden and fight back against the machines.

Your Defense Starts Here

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