Defense Attorneys Who Investigate Your Theft Case Thoroughly

At Hernandez & Associates, P.C., in Colorado, our experienced defense attorneys are prepared to defend people charged with any variety of theft. We are thorough in our investigations, which may involve reviewing video surveillance cameras, for example. We may find that police or other law enforcement agents obtained evidence through illegal search and seizure.

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Many Crimes Fall Under Category of Theft

“Theft” is one of those all-encompassing terms that, in practice, include a truly vast array of alleged criminal acts. Violence may or may not go along with theft of money or objects of value from someone else. Theft charges can result from allegations of:

  • Shoplifting, whether the items allegedly stolen had a small or large value
  • Petty theft, involving items or cash instruments of relatively low value
  • Bicycle theft or theft of other relatively small items, inexpensive items or small amounts of money
  • Auto theft or other types of felony theft of other relatively large items, expensive items or large amounts of money
  • Theft by swindle or fraud, such as by forgery, identity theft or embezzlement
  • Robbery or burglary enabled by use of a weapon or threats of violence
  • Unjust enrichment, such as by keeping found cash or jewelry without reporting it to police

Theft crimes are classified as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the value of what was allegedly stolen. We may defend a case based on uncertain value of an object or cash instrument.

Building A Strong Defense On Your Behalf

Discuss your theft charges with a Denver lawyer. Learn about your options and best strategies for defense. Contact us in Denver at 303-536-5134 or email us to schedule a consultation. Our attorneys offer free, 30-minute consultations. HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL.

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