Your Criminal Defense Team For When The Stakes Are Highest

If you’ve had a brush with the law, the next steps you take have life-changing consequences. Whether you are being charged with DUI or assault or some other crime, the attorneys at Hernandez & Associates, P.C., can help. We’ve been assisting people in their criminal defense since 2007.

One of the reasons we’re Denver’s choice for criminal defense is that we take the time to learn as much as we can about you and your circumstances. This allows us to determine all possible outcomes and what approach to defense will best suit your needs. Not all attorneys will devote this kind of time to clients, but we will.

Experienced Representing Misdemeanors Through Felony Charges

Our attorneys have experience with cases ranging from misdemeanors to federal felonies. As Denver criminal trial lawyers, our team of skillful attorneys regularly takes cases to full trial and knows how to present a client and his or her case in front of a judge and jury. In addition, we practice appellate law and can appeal your verdict to a higher court.

Crimmigration Attorneys And Much More

We are also crimmigration attorneys and civil rights defense attorneys. We will look at how a case may affect your immigration status and your personal rights. Not every attorney understands the special circumstances that immigrants charged with crimes face.

Our firm handles all areas of criminal defense, including:

  • Violent crimes: Most violent crimes have mandatory sentences. Our attorneys know what strategies can help you minimize penalties inside and outside of the courtroom. Our success includes cases involving domestic violence, vehicular manslaughter and assault.
  • Crimes involving children: From juvenile crimes to adults accused of child abuse, child pornography or child endangerment, our firm has helped people like you navigate the uncertain legal path ahead.
  • Crimes of a sexual nature: Not all sex crimes involve physical contact. If you were accused of sexual assault or unlawful sexual contact, there are defense options available.
  • Crimes involving drugs or alcohol: Although marijuana and alcohol are legal to use in Colorado, you can still be charged with drunk driving charges (DUI/DWAI/DUID). Also it is illegal to distribute or manufacture marijuana, and the federal government still considers possession a crime. Our firm has helped defend clients accused of drug charges involving methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and marijuana at both the state and federal level.
  • White collar crimes: Criminal actions that are financially motivated are sometimes referred to as white collar crimes. These can include anything from tax evasion to fraud and identity theft.
  • Traffic violations: From smaller cases involving administrative hearings to vehicular homicide and assault, no case is too small to need an attorney. Even the slightest violations can eventually lead to points on your license, high insurance premiums or license suspension.

We can also assist you in sealing a criminal record.

Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney After An Arrest?

If you’ve been arrested, it’s typically recommended to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Here’s why:

  • Legal knowledge: Criminal defense attorneys have the necessary legal training and experience to navigate the criminal justice system. They understand the complexities of the law and can interpret how it applies to your specific case.
  • Personal attention: While public defenders are available and can provide competent representation, they are often overburdened with heavy caseloads, which might affect the amount of time and resources they can dedicate to your case. If you have the means to do so, hiring your own attorney can ensure more personalized attention.
  • Experience and strategies: A criminal defense attorney can develop a strategy tailored to your specific situation. They can gather evidence, interview witnesses, and negotiate with prosecutors, which may result in reduced charges or even case dismissal.

Representing yourself can be risky. The legal system is complex and without thorough knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures, you are at a significant disadvantage.

How Do I Pick A Criminal Defense Attorney?

When looking for a criminal defense attorney, here are some factors to consider:

  • Years of experience: Look for an attorney with several years of experience who has handled cases similar to yours.
  • Case results: An attorney’s track record can give you insight into their expertise and effectiveness.
  • Reputation: Research the attorney’s reputation in the legal community. Client reviews, peer endorsements, and professional achievements can be indicators of the attorney’s standing.
  • Communication: A good defense attorney should communicate clearly and keep you informed about the progress of your case.
  • Fee transparency: The attorney should be clear about their costs and what services are included.

These general guidelines can help you select a criminal defense attorney who is well-suited to your needs.

You Need A Strong Defense

As a firm committed to a global, team-based approach, you can be sure that no matter which crime you or your loved one is accused of, we will aggressively present the best defense possible, and will provide you or your loved one with the personal attention you deserve. Contact us online or call 303-536-5134 to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation.

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