Charged With Conspiracy in Colorado?

Conspiracy charges often go along with drug crime charges, white collar crime charges and violent crime charges. Law enforcement agents and prosecutors may claim that you assisted someone else in planning and carrying out a crime whether or not you actually sold the cocaine or pulled the trigger. Defense in a conspiracy case typically involves meticulous, in-depth investigation.

Criminal justice in a conspiracy case often seems backwards, such as when the worst offender has his or her punishment lessened by testifying against a fellow alleged conspirator whose punishment ends up more severe as a result. Alleged conspirators often race to “rat on” each other as they vie for the least punitive outcome.

At Hernandez & Associates, P.C., our experienced Colorado attorneys are proud of favorable outcomes we have attained for past clients charged with conspiracy in state and federal misdemeanor and felony cases. Call us at 303-536-5134 to speak with a lawyer.

Advocacy For Those Charged With Conspiracy To Commit A Crime

Our Denver criminal defense attorneys take seriously the task of ensuring that our clients do not spend unwarranted time behind bars. We have successfully defended:

  • Individuals charged with conspiracy after allegedly arranging and organizing the distribution of controlled substances
  • Individuals charged with conspiracy after allegedly assisting in the delivery of controlled substances
  • Auto mechanics charged with conspiracy after they built hidden compartments into cars used in drug-trafficking operations
  • Accountants charged with conspiracy after allegedly cooking the books to hide wrongdoing
  • Private individuals charged with conspiracy after allegedly lending phones, cars and homes to people who carried out serious crimes

Whether you were charged with a drug conspiracy, a white collar crime conspiracy or conspiracy to aid and abet a violent crime, we are prepared to investigate thoroughly and prepare strong arguments in your defense.

Each case is unique; however, we see themes emerge when we prepare to defend people in conspiracy cases. Sometimes, we see that charges are inappropriately high. Other times, we see that another defendant, who testified against a client of ours, has questionable credibility and we can document that. If we are unable to achieve a favorable disposition in the pretrial phase, we are prepared to take a case to trial and to appeal if that is warranted.

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