Colorado Takes Domestic Violence Charges Seriously

The government prosecutes domestic violence cases aggressively in Colorado. This means if you face charges related to domestic abuse, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to develop a strong defense and keep you from facing the serious consequences of a conviction.

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How Can Our Firm Help?

Our firm gets results for clients throughout the Denver metro area because our attorneys spend every day representing people in negotiations with prosecutors and in court when cases have to go to trial. As a result, we understand the complexities that are involved in any domestic violence case.

We know the law. Because domestic violence is considered an “aggravator” in Colorado, it can be attached to many different criminal charges, from disturbing the peace to assault. It can be applied whether a defendant is currently in a relationship with the alleged victim, or was months or even years before.

We understand what’s at stake. In many cases, our clients may be looking at additional jail time if they are convicted of domestic violence, and they are understandably concerned about receiving lengthy jail sentences. Losing their freedom can mean more than jail time, however. A conviction can result in longer probation sentences, mandatory domestic violence classes, a prohibition on alcohol consumption, and mandatory protective orders (MPOs) that can restrict where people can go and may take away their right to see their kids.

We work aggressively to help our clients avoid these consequences. We investigate every aspect of a case to determine how to present the strongest possible defense. In many cases, someone who has alleged to have been the victim of spousal abuse or other acts of violence may have exaggerated the facts or lied altogether. In these cases, we will fight to get charges dropped. Otherwise, our attorneys use years of negotiation and trial experience to get our clients the best possible plea bargains, or advocate at trial for a positive result.

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