Defending Your Fourth Amendment Rights Throughout Colorado

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution safeguards citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures, establishing the necessity for a warrant and probable cause. Illegal search and seizure infringe upon your constitutional protections. If you find yourself questioning whether your Fourth Amendment rights have been violated through illegal search and seizure, Hernandez & Associates, P.C., is here to stand with you. As dedicated attorneys based in Denver, we offer our legal services to clients locally and nationwide.

Illegal Search And Seizure And Your Rights

Under the Fourth Amendment, police are authorized to search your property if:

  • They have a valid warrant.
  • You give your spoken consent.
  • They have probable cause to suspect unlawful activity.

However, you have the right to refuse a search when they ask without a warrant. If officers proceed without your consent or a legitimate reason, it constitutes an illegal search. If law enforcement officers find something through an unlawful search, the state does not have the right to use it against you in a criminal case. All defendants, including undocumented immigrants, have these rights.

Upholding Your Fourth Amendment Rights

Our criminal defense lawyers are adept at identifying violations of this rule. They will aggressively challenge any evidence that should be or should have been inadmissible. Did the state use evidence obtained through unlawful search and seizure in your case, and did it result in a conviction? We can file an appeal or seek other post-conviction remedies if your civil rights have been compromised.

Stand Up For Your Rights And Request A Free Consultation

We are ready to defend your rights and ensure that justice is served. For a thorough evaluation of your case and a strategic defense plan, contact Hernandez & Associates, P.C. Reach out to us by phone at or email to schedule your free consultation today.

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