Do You Need A Criminal Record Sealed?

You may be able to expunge (seal) your Colorado criminal record. The Denver attorneys at Hernandez and Associates, P.C., are experienced. We have been assisting clients with sealing a criminal record since 2007. We know that not every criminal case can be sealed. Your attorney at Hernandez and Associates, P.C., will carefully examine your specific case and determine how best to fight for a clean record.

What Factors Are Involved in Sealing A Record?

Some factors we will examine are:

  1. Is this a drug case?
  2. What kinds of drugs were involved?
  3. Is it a sexual offense?
  4. Was there a deferred judgment?
  5. Which courthouse handled the case?
  6. What did the plea bargain state?
  7. Was this an acquittal at trial?
  8. Is there a victim involved?

Once we determine that you can petition to seal your Colorado criminal record, our experienced attorneys will meet with you and explain the court process. Sealing your case will not happen overnight. Depending on which court and judge is assigned to your case it may take a couple months to finally have your case sealed. Those months are not wasted time, though. Preparation and presentation are crucial to successfully sealing your criminal record.

Taking The Time To Understand Your Case

A good lawyer must know and understand his client in order to be successful at a final hearing in front of a judge. We want to understand your personal story and how your life has changed for the better since you resolved your case. Each one of your court documents is carefully crafted to reflect your personal story as well as the original case information.

So why seal your criminal record now? We have all heard the horror stories. A friend loses their job and they finally have a great job interview. Except your friend lost the interview because of a stupid criminal record that happened in the past. Or maybe you had a friend who was denied an apartment because of that record. Protect yourself now and clean your record before it’s too late.

Professional, Confidential Advice

Our experienced attorneys will see to it that your case is handled professionally and fight for sealing a criminal record. Call us in Denver at 303-536-5134. You can also reach us online through our contact form.

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