Any Allegation of Fraud and Impersonation Can Affect Your Life Dramatically

If you or a loved one has been charged with fraud or criminal impersonation, your situation can feel overwhelming. Many clients come to Hernandez & Associates, P.C., faced with these allegations, and worry about their futures. Our team of criminal defense lawyers understands that even a small allegation can have detrimental effects on your life.

We are committed to listening to your worries and striving to achieve your goals.

Fraud and impersonation charges are sometimes referred to as white collar crimes, and in the state of Colorado are considered “victimless crimes.”

What Constitutes Fraud and Impersonation Charges?

Offenses can include:

  • Faulty or stolen Social Security number (SSN)
  • Faulty or stolen birth certificate
  • False or stolen name or identity
  • False or stolen driver’s license
  • False or stolen passport or visa
  • Counterfeiting

Other types of identity theft include using stolen financial information to secure or create credit cards; bribery; money laundering or cybercrime.

What Could Happen To Me?

In addition to the potential of going to jail, a conviction of fraud and/or impersonation can have a number of other unintended consequences, including loss of a job or inability to gain employment, getting kicked out of school or rejection from a university, or restitution costs.

To be convicted, a case has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Our firm can call into question a number of issues, including search and seizure procedures, Miranda rights, or determining the timing of your infringement detection to question the statute of limitations on your case.

By hiring our experienced team, the charges you face can be reduced or even dropped completely. Our firm has a number of Denver fraud defense attorneys who are committed to investigation, research and discussion of your case. A successful defense of a crime involving fraud or impersonation requires a detail-oriented strategy, and this is best-served by a firm that can devote its attention fully to your case.

Protect Your Interests and Fight For Your Rights

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