What to do with a warrant for your arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Sometimes, you discover the presence of an arrest warrant before you are actually arrested. Finding out in advance allows you time to get things in order before your arrest. In fact, as soon as you know that a warrant exists for your arrest, you should prepare.

There are a few key things to consider when you find out about a warrant for your arrest.

Make bail arrangements

As soon as you find out an arrest is imminent, make financial arrangements to get you out of jail. Reach out to a bondsman in advance to sign the necessary paperwork and pay the deposit to secure your release.

Gather evidence to defend yourself

If time allows, gather any evidence you might have to defend yourself. Leave the evidence with someone you trust to help you after your arrest.

Consider turning yourself in

When you have a warrant for your arrest, that arrest is unavoidable. You can make the process easier if you turn yourself in instead of making the police come for you. When you turn yourself in, you arrange the entire process ahead of time, then you go to the police department directly on your own time.

Avoid making any statements

Never answer questions in an interrogation without legal representation. Even if you turn yourself in on the warrant, that is not an automatic admission of guilt.

Finding out about a warrant for your arrest can be a jarring experience. Understanding how to handle that warrant can help you protect yourself and prepare for your defense.