What you need to know about reinstating your license after a DUI

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Losing your driver’s license due to DUI charges is frustrating and confusing, but you should not worry if you are unsure of what happens next.

Here are some things you should know about license reinstatement after a DUI in Colorado.

How long until I can try to get my license back?

In Colorado, driver’s license suspensions for DUI last nine months for your first offense, one year for your second and two years for your third and additional offenses. You can begin the process of reinstating your license after this period. However, you may be eligible for early reinstatement through participation in the Ignition Interlock program.

What are the requirements for driver’s license reinstatement?

To be eligible for license reinstatement, you must pay reinstatement and restoration fees and obtain SR-22 insurance. “Insurance” is somewhat of a misnomer, as an SR-22 is not an insurance policy but rather an acknowledgment from your insurance company that they accept the liability of insuring you. You must keep this certification current for one year if this is your first DUI suspension or three years if this is a second or multiple DUI offense. Otherwise, the state may re-suspend your license. In many cases, the state also requires installing an ignition interlock system, which requires you to pass a breath test to operate your vehicle. Additionally, you may need to take alcohol education classes and participate in therapy sessions to address the underlying reasons for your DUI conviction.

Understanding Colorado’s reinstatement laws is the first step to regaining your driving freedom. Keep these requirements in mind as you work toward re-obtaining your license.