Christine Hernandez Authors Article Published by the CWBA Titled, “Tales from the Trenches: Celebrating Diversity”

August 9, 2019
Denver, Colorado

Growing up in the South, I embraced being different from my classmates. I loved that I was unique. I was raised in a mixed status, multi-cultural household in which my mother immigrated to the U.S. from Panama, and my father’s family, though he is adopted, came to the U.S. as Jewish immigrants from Russia. I spent Friday nights at Temple with my friends and Sunday mornings at Cathedral with my mother. What I learned from my multi-cultural, multi-faith childhood was that we are all the same, but different.

Through the years my worldview has not changed – diversity has always been a strength in my eyes. After surviving law school with my best friend/husband – we decided opening our own law firm was the path for us. We began with a “simple” dream – to become the largest immigration law firm in Denver that also happened to be Hispanic owned and operated. Over the last twelve years, we’ve accomplished just that and have learned a few things along the way.

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