Christine Hernandez Interviewed in Law Week Colorado Article Focused on Her Year as President of the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association

November 4, 2019
Denver, Colorado

Law Week editor Tony Flesor sat down with Colorado Hispanic Bar Association president Christine Hernández at the Hernández & Associates office to discuss her year as president and the CHBA’s work to strengthen the Hispanic community in the law and outside of it.

LAW WEEK: To start off, can you tell me a little bit about the membership of the CHBA, and can you describe what the organization does and what you would say is the value of it?

HERNÁNDEZ: The Colorado Hispanic Bar Association has right now, 225 paying members, but we have 1,000 contacts that receive our newsletter. We’re focused on the Hispanic community, obviously, and improving the situation or the legal landscape for our young attorneys — getting them acclimated through law school to passing the bar and then mentoring them as young attorneys so that they can get into the profession. It’s hard as a diverse attorney to make partner, to get a job at a large law firm. So our role is to be there to help them through the whole process.

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